Case study – How we recruited an Interim Chief Investment Officer for an Asset Manager


A London based asset manager came to us with quite a quandary. Their Chief Investment Officer had suddenly been lured by another organisation, leaving the asset manager without a captain to steer them through choppy waters. Vacancies such as this can take time to fill, given that Chief Investment Officers are vital cogs in investment firms – they’re often tied to work extended notice periods of up to a year. Therefore, Moorlands Human Capital were tasked with finding an Interim Chief Investment Officer, who could temporarily lead the investment team while a suitable full-time replacement was recruited.

Client need

The role of the Interim Chief Investment Officer would be to provide overall leadership to the investment team of this London based asset manager. The team were responsible for around £5 billion worth of assets, so it was vitally important that the temporary appointment had experience of multi-asset class investment strategies, with a particular focus on alternative assets, a non-traditional area where valuations can be difficult to assess. If done correctly, alternative assets can diversify the portfolio of an investor and they are also largely weathered from the storms of economic uncertainty. The successful candidate would be able to guide the team in these areas and, as a consequence, increase the holdings of the fund.

Our approach

Due to the specialised demands of the client, we immediately recognised that, to find candidates suited to the role, we would have to specifically target those who had worked as interim managers for similar organisations in the past, or those who were about to leave comparable roles. We drew up a detailed list of the client’s requirements and conducted a comprehensive search of the market, ascertaining whether or not a variety of interims would be a good fit for the role. Then, we contacted the standout candidates in order to establish their interest and availability.


At Moorlands, we’re a persuasive bunch and, in no time at all, we were able to identify an individual who boasted decades of experience in the industry, with all of the requirements asked for by the client inked proudly across their CV. Within three weeks of the client getting in touch, we had successfully placed this individual in the role of Interim Chief Investment Officer. We’re delighted to say they remained in the role, and performed admirably, for 12 months, while an appropriate full-time person was recruited.

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