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What Keeps CEO’s Up at Night?

Chief Executives (CEO) leading a company forward in today’s corporate landscape requires constant multitasking, delegating, and strategizing. Between email, meetings, and conference calls, there’s rarely, if ever, a moment of downtime during office hours for people in CEO positions. When the business day ends and the email alerts slow down a bit, however, the best […]

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Right Or Wrong: “Headhunters Are Only For Executives”

To say Headhunters are only for Executives is false of course. However, there are several key issues an executive search firm and individual headhunters will take into account before taking on an assignment. Complexity Complexity is probably the single most important factor that headhunters consider when taking on a new project. As an employer, you should really […]

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Pensions the long-term future

Pensions Savings

The long-term future for pensions when people (seem to) want more accessible savings vehicles How many people think about pensions and how much money they will need once they have stopped full time work? What are their expectations as to how long they will live if they retire, in good health, at 55 or 60 […]

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Why effective corporate governance matters

It is my opinion that good corporate governance is essential to the effective running of a business. The phrase “The unacceptable face of capitalism” has been bandied around a lot recently, most notably with the faces of Sir -currently-Philip Green and Mike Ashley being the most prominent “faces” criticised by the press. In both cases, […]

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Is it possible that making your career a priority could be deemed selfish? We often make promises to people, and pride ourselves in keeping those promises. But there is often one promise that ends up being put to the bottom of the list, or even forgotten about completely, and that’s the promise to ourselves to […]

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