Executive Assessment

Our Executive Assessment service is designed for businesses who need to manage their people risk by understanding more about what makes individuals and teams tick.

Our clients often say they find themselves asking:

"Do they have the right people?

Are our people in the right jobs?

Do our people have the competencies needed to perform?

Do our people match our values?

How can we get our teams to work better together?"

Our Executive Assessment Consultants make it easier for CEO’s, Boards and Chairman to get a clear picture of their executives’ strengths, weaknesses and development opportunities – and to then get the best out of them. Our approach involves going far deeper than the interview process. Understanding what really drives an individual – and their behavioural preferences – can make a significant difference to how they are deployed, motivated, evaluated and incentivised.

By using a range of techniques, including psychometric and ability tests coupled with behavioural interviews our consultants can help you recruit the right people, develop senior executives, rainmakers and industry thought leaders.

Our executive assessments are available as an integral part of the executive search process or as a standalone service enabling organisations to accurately gauge the capabilities and competencies of their existing executives.

Candidate Profiling

Many candidates have become accustomed to traditional interviews and as such can come across as being an ideal candidate for an organisation. While it is relatively straight forward to assess technical ability and to check an individual’s track record, without the use of specialist tools, it is more difficult to get a thorough understanding of their personality, leadership ability and how they work under pressure.

Psychometric profiling of candidates helps to get past this by providing an informed and objective judgement on a candidate’s interpersonal style, intellectual abilities, personal motivation and fit with the organisation. Through the use of specialist tools our consultants are able to get a better understanding of how candidates may behave in a pressurised situation and can therefore probe deeper than is possible by interview alone. Profiling is now a key component of the selection process for senior recruits and an important part of a business’s risk management.

Team Assessment

Finding and attracting the best talent in any industry is only half of the battle. Engaging individuals and integrating them to work as part of your existing team is another matter. Our Team Assessments can be carried out with existing teams, newly created teams or prior to team construction.

By assessing each team member individual we can build up a picture of the combined capabilities giving us a powerful tool from which to build a team assessment. It clearly shows the culture of the team, how relationships are likely to work, how to identify any potential individual conflicts within the team and how the work will be managed and delivered. We can also identify where a certain skill set may add value to or enhance performance. When all this is brought together it gives clients a powerful base from which to build stronger, more effective teams which assist the business in delivery of its goals. The output of this type of analysis can be transformational.

To discuss how we can help you better understand your executives and get the best out of them and the teams they work in call our CEO Paul Battye today on 0207 887 4534 or click the green Contact Us bar on the right hand side of the screen and we will call you back at a time convenient to you.

Industries we have worked in

  • Asset management
  • Automotive
  • Business & Professional Services
  • Charities & Not for Profit
  • Consumer Goods
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing Media
  • Public Sector
  • Professional Bodies
  • Postal Services
  • Retail
  • Scientific research
  • Shipping and Ports
  • Sports
  • Transport

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