Fintech CEO Salaries

The topic of fintech CEO salaries always evokes an element of intrigue in people. The talk of Fintech CEO salaries is no different. Fintech is the new buzzword in financial services business and media alike. Some people are experts in it, some are simply aware of it, whilst some have no idea what it is. In short Fintech is the term used to describe all things related to new innovations in financial services. A prime example being crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. But the scope is much greater and continues to develop new innovations as they challenge the old traditional financial services business models. Whatever your knowledge level on the industry, Fintech is booming, and it appears it will only grow in strength. In 2017 it is estimated circa £2.5billion was invested in Fintech in the UK alone, with $17.4billion worldwide.

Although the Fintech sector isn’t completely new, Fintech firms are still relatively young. So, what do we really know about the intricacies of the salaries offered in the Fintech sector? With this question in mind Moorlands Human Capital has conducted a survey to determine what c-suite level talent earn in Fintech. 503 individuals from 500 business with revenues between $5million to $5.3billion in Asia Pacific, EMEA and North America were surveyed in the survey. The survey was undertaken between 1st May 2018 to 31st July 2018 with the information based on 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2017. To standardise data, we converted all salary information to US dollars using exchange rates from 28th December 2017.

Fintech CEO Salaries – basic compensation

In total 137 CEO’s were surveyed about their compensation per year. We broke this down into fixed and variable. The average fixed or base fintech CEO salary was $353,000. The lowest being $93,350 with the highest being £659,000. If we delve deeper into these figures we see that out of the 137 CEO’s surveyed only two of them fell below the $100,000 base mark. The highest figure we saw was a total of 19 CEO’s falling between a $100,001 to $150,000 marker. The two CEO’s that fell below the $100,000 may well have been employed at start ups or at least reasonably young fintech’s, this could be determined in future surveys as we can use historical data to compare.

In the subsequent pay brackets following £100,001/$150,000 right up to $600,001/$700,000 there is a reasonably level barometer across them, with no real abnormalities. Possibly suggesting, as you might expect that level of compensation relates to turnover in the business.

Fintech CEO Salaries – basic compensation

Fintech CEO salaries – total compensation

Variable compensation included cash bonuses, long-term incentives awarded, retirement provision and other benefits. The average total compensation amount came in at $857,000. The lowest figure being $228,000. With the highest CEO coming in with $1,600,000.

The total comparison chart has a reasonably level look to it, with not much differentiation across the majority of the salary ranges. The range with the highest number of CEO’s in is $300,001 to $400,000 with 14. The only stand out drop is in the $1,500,001 to $1,600,000 range. Here there are only 4 CEO’s. Now this does differ from the other compensation ranges, but this may suggest it is merely the very top end of total compensation in the field and may well be common place within the industry. As the next bracket down, $1,400,001 to $1,500,000 has ten CEO’s in which is more on par with the other earning levels.

Fintech CEO salaries – total compensation


As you would expect not only from fintech but in general, the highest earners came from the companies with the higher turnovers. There is a steady increase in the CEO salary as you move up the business turnover table. The larger companies are more able and have more options to offer greater remuneration both in base and total compensation.

Fintech CEO salaries – by turnover

Overall fintech is a rapidly growing market. More and more start-ups are coming to market, and the growth of the businesses already out there will no doubt increase. This in turn could lead to some interesting results on future fintech CEO salaries. As companies increase their turnover no doubt the packages on offer to c-suite level talent will rise also. Some of the data in this survey may suggest a low renumeration package for some CEO’s. This however could be reflected in the fintech company being in its infancy and the CEO more concerned with rapidly growing their business and searching for investment rather than taking a high-level package. Once again this will only be known fully upon more surveys like this being carried out in the coming years as fintech grows.

This is the first time we have published this executive salary survey, so we have no historical data to compare against. However, it is our aim that in future years we will be able to highlight the major trends in fintech c-level salaries.

To read the full salary survey you can ‘download’ here.