The Chief Executive of a struggling asset manager came to us, looking for an executive solution to his organisation’s leadership problems. A highly competent and experienced individual himself, the Chief Executive was simply overwhelmed by the increasing demands placed upon him due to the lack of strategic leadership of the board. After close consultation, it became clear that the asset manager required a Chairman, to steer the organisation at board level and allow the Chief Executive and his senior leadership team to concentrate on strategy and execution. Moorlands Human Capital conducted an executive search and attracted what we felt were a number of extraordinary candidates for the role. The outstanding applicant was eventually hired, and is now in the process of reviewing the board and governance structures allowing the executive team to drive the business forward.

Client need

The client approached us in a state of disarray. The asset manager had experienced a significant loss of assets over the previous three years, leading to client concern over the company’s future and its ability to handle investments of this magnitude. This failure was put down to a lack of leadership and direction at boardroom level, with the Chief Executive having to fulfil board duties to such an extent that the day to day running of the asset management firm was compromised. The client therefore enlisted Moorlands Human Capital to recruit a Chairman who could come in, work closely with the Chief Executive and board members and help the organisation turn its fortunes around.

Our approach

Due to the asset manager’s poor performance, it soon became clear that we had to focus our executive search around those who had a winning record in terms of turning similar organisations around. The appointment of such a dependable figure would help instil or restore confidence with the firm’s investors, something the Chief Executive cited as a major issue in his initial conversation with us. Outstanding candidates would also require exceptional personal and communication skills, in order to get executives and clients on board with his plans for the firm.


Throughout the recruitment process, we kept the client informed as to our progress, and soon we were able to present them with a shortlist of five candidates who we felt all offered a different angle from which to tackle the asset manager’s problems. The client was happy with our selection and, eventually, an appointment was made. The entire process lasted just eight weeks, a fraction of the three years that the client had spent losing its investors’ money.

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