How do you add the very best talent to your company? Chances are good that you are always on the lookout for new, highly talented individuals, people who can help your company to expand and grow with innovative ideas and solutions to complex problems. Yet, one of the biggest mistakes your company can make is to turn to the biggest executive search firm to help fill your gaps. Yet, c-suite executives shouldn’t always turn to the biggest name out there because this could in fact limit who is brought into your organization. How can working with the big guys lead to a lack of the very best talent?

Who Is On the Off-Limits List?

Nearly all organizations have an off-limits list, and that’s generally a good thing. This off limits policy relates to the executive search process. In short, it is a list of companies that the search firm is working with and, therefore, cannot “touch” those employees or that high-level talent. In other words, an off-limits list means that, if the talent you want is at one of the company’s on the big list, your company has no access to that individual. It is unethical to poach talent like this, of course. It’s not something that Moorlands Human Capital would ever do.

Yet, if you work with a large search firm, chances are good you will actually be limited in the talent you have access to. The reason for this is simple – they have a long off limits list and that means they have more of the best talent locked away from you. The question you need to ask is this: Just how long is that off-limits list? We often talk about these limitations along with the asset management roadblocks holding companies like your own back.

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How Moorland Human Capital Is Different

At Moorland Human Capital, we actively ensure we maintain a small off limits policy. By doing this, it means our clients can work in partnership with us to ensure you always get the very best possible talent in the market. In short, by having fewer people that are off limit to you, you have more flexibility in the options available. You have access to the leading talent no matter where they work or what they are currently doing. That’s a powerful tool in today’s highly competitive talent pool.

Another way to look at it is to consider whether you want access to just “on the market” talent, which are individuals actively looking for a job or if you want to aim for “in the market” talent, who are individuals who are already in their roles. “In the market” talent tends to be harder to obtain, but these are some of the top performing candidates in your industry. These are the people you really want to hire. With our short off limits list, you have better access to these top talented people. At a larger firm with a long off limits list, your options are significantly fewer.

Are you ready to learn more about the biggest asset management roadblocks holding you back? Let Moorland Human Capital provide you with the resources you need to land that talent today.

Download Our Free Report Blasting Through The Big 3 Asset Management Road Blocks Now!