We aim to be the best executive talent consultancy by living Our Values.

Prioritise Clients

It’s easy to say that we prioritise clients but difficult to achieve. One of the biggest frustrations we heard potential clients expressing when we did our market research before establishing Moorlands Human Capital was that most consultants in the industry pay lip service to client satisfaction. They felt that relationships with consultants were transactional rather than transformational; moreover they wanted to work 

with consultants who not only get results but also understand their business. They also felt that consultants were too opaque and didn’t demonstrate transparency. Therefore putting clients first is at the very core of our business model.


When conducting a search we aim to keep clients informed at all stages of the process. Traditionally, consultants come to clients with a short list of candidates after 8 to 12 weeks of work, but offer little transparency as to how they got to that shortlist. At Moorlands Human Capital we keep you informed at every step in the process. Clients get 24/7 access to a secure SSL encrypted Client Portal which allows them to see the data they need to make informed decisions. As soon as a consultant makes a change to an assignment it is available for the client to see via the Client Portal. This level of transparency allows us to have an on-going dialogue with clients and has reduced the time needed to get to shortlist from 8 to 12 weeks to just 4 to 6 weeks.

Inspire Innovation & Encourage Diversity

Clients also told us that what they didn’t like was the inevitability of same names coming up time and again in searches, almost as if consultants are looking to take the easy option and not think outside the box. One HR Director told us that typically search shortlists are “pale, male and stale”. We passionately believe that it is our role to bring new ideas to the board room. Our searches are underpinned by qualitative Executive Research and our Search Process, and it is our aim to find individuals who meet the criteria of the role from a wide diversity of backgrounds. Ensuring this is possible isn’t just about search. Sometimes no matter how talented an individual is they may not have enough attributes or experience, which is why we offer Coaching services as part of our Leadership Consulting Services.

Lead by Example

It is our belief that you should never ask anybody else to do something you wouldn’t be prepared to do yourself. Therefore, when you engage with us as a business, you will get a lead consultant who will not only advise and guide you through your project but will also manage your project. There will always be a second consultant assigned to support you and they will be supported by our team of experts. Together they will ensure you get all the service and support you need to achieve a successful project.

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