Fintech or financial technology is a phrase increasingly used in the media and in technology circles. Yet despite its frequent use, it’s a term many don’t quite have a handle on.

Our Fintech practice works with both Fintechs and traditional financial institutions to ensure they attract and develop the best executive talent in the sector.

When thinking about fintech what immediately springs to mind are the latest mobile apps which allow you to pay for your morning coffee without the need to use a card or currency. However, technology has long played a key role in the financial sector and goes far beyond the latest mobile app.

When credit cards were first introduced in the 1950’s it was a revolution not to carry cash. 1960’s saw the introduction of ATMs, the 1980’s the start of global banking, the 1990’s introduced internet banking and price comparison sites, and by the 2000’s the majority of consumers had adopted all of these technologies into their everyday lives.

Since the Great Financial Crisis of the mid 2000’s we have seen an explosion in the fintech sector with products and services that are not simply evolutions of traditional financial services, but which are disruptive and revolutionary to the extent that they could even replace some traditional financial institutions.

Our Approach

Our specialist team has an unrivalled understanding of the Fintech market and understands that traditional financial institutions are now competing with technology companies. The war for talent between new and old is incredibly competitive. We can help you win it, whether you want to attract the very best people to meet your own particular challenges; or develop and retain the skills you already have.

Industries we work across

Alternative finance │ Blockchain │Crypto currencies │FX – foreign exchange │ InsurTech │ Neo Banks │Payments │RegTech │Wealth Management & Robo-advisors


  • Chief Executive Director
  • Chair
  • Non-Executive Director
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief People Officer
  • Chief Software Architect
  • Director of Product Development
  • Director of Business Development

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