CEO & Board

Our CEO & Board practice specialises in finding and developing great Leaders: progressive Leaders who can secure the future of your business both today and tomorrow.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Board

In a world of global uncertainty, technological change and entrepreneurial innovation, selecting the best directors for board positions has never been more important. Rapid change in the business environment has highlighted the need for great leaders and has increased the media, shareholder and consumer scrutiny on boards.

We work closely with organisations to understand, attract and develop board directors, board chairs and CEOs. Our unparalleled knowledge of the markets ensures that we connect the best talent to meet the demands of your business.

Chief Executive Officers

Business never stands still. This puts pressure on organisations to find leaders who not only possess the right mix of skills and competencies to meet the challenges of today, but also the strategic vision to lead the company of tomorrow.

We recruit and develop talent to ensure that your Leaders are fully enabled to meet the complexity of leading your organisation, driving (and, where required, changing) culture and building and challenging successful teams.

Non-Executive Chairs

‚ÄčThe Board Chair has the challenge of supporting the CEO and the senior leadership team while protecting the interests of shareholders and other key stakeholders at the same time. well as maintaining a good working relationship with the current leader, the Chair is also responsible for CEO succession planning (and, if necessary, replacing an under-performing CEO).

Throughout all of this, the Chair has to maintain their independence, impartiality and authority.

How we add value

The role of the non-Executive Chair is a challenging one, and we advise organisations in different ways. We can find the right fit for your particular organisation and needs, as well as develop and advise Chairs who own and embrace an active leadership role in guiding the CEO.

Non-Executive Directors and Trustees

Non-Executive Directors and Trustees have the same general legal responsibilities to the organisation they work for as any other director. However, they need to offer more than just governance oversight and challenge to executive directors.

How we add value

Our specialists work with organisations to source the right talent to fill these critical roles. We also work closely with our clients to understand the challenges ahead and provide development and training for Non-Executive Directors and Trustees across many areas. For example, to constructively challenge and help develop proposals on strategy, or equip them with the skills for succession planning, and appointing or removing executive directors.

We can also support in helping these executive roles scrutinise the performance of the management team, ensuring that the appropriate financial information and risk management systems are in place and determining appropriate levels of remuneration of executive directors.

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