Regulatory and governance are headlining the corporate agenda like never before.

The increasing requirements placed on businesses, coupled with the need for corporate transparency, makes attracting the best Legal, Risk and Compliance Officers a priority in all sectors.

Under investing in this area can lead to increased risk of regulatory fines and legal action, not to mention reputational damage.

Our Approach

Having skilled, agile and innovative Legal, Risk and Compliance Leaders is essential to business growth. Our consultants help you understand what drives talent in today’s marketplace so that you can attract the right individuals to safeguard your business and its reputation.

Areas we work across

Compliance│ In-House │ Law Firms │ Risk│ Secretariat


  • General Counsel
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Head of Legal & Compliance
  • Head of Legal
  • Head of Regulatory Affairs
  • Company Secretary

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