Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development service is designed for businesses and individuals who want to develop the Leadership skills required to be successful in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Board Effectiveness

The demands on Chairmen and Boards are constantly changing. Increasing scrutiny and higher expectations from regulators and wider coverage in the media means that the pressure to make the right decisions at the right time in the right manner continues to grow.

Governance and compliance remain significant issues that Boards must address. However, many Boards neglect behavioural and relationship issues that shape board dynamics and drive board and business performance. It is essential that Boards have the right skills, competencies, relationship and leadership behaviours to guide the business.

How we add value

By assessing each Board member individually, we build up the wider picture of their combined capabilities. These are powerful tools from which to build a true Board assessment; showing the culture of the board and how relationships are likely to work, as well as identifying any potential conflicts and how work will be managed and delivered. We can also identify where a certain skill set may add value or enhance performance.

When all of this is brought together it provides a powerful base from which to build a stronger, more effective Board. This analysis can be transformational.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching helps you to develop your potential and focus on what you need to be successful in your organisation whilst maintaining a positive work life balance.

Many successful executives already have their own coaches, appreciating that coaching and mentoring is a deliberate process that focuses on creating the right environment for individual growth and improvement.

How we add value

Our coaches act as an independent, confidential sounding board. It’s not always easy to discuss issues within your organisation, and often the people involved are too close to the problem to offer impartial advice.

Working with one of our executive coaches, you will be able to focus on the roadblocks in your personal development in a confidential environment. Many executives find discussing their ideas and problems with a third party in an open environment highly beneficial.

Succession Planning

Done well, Succession Planning secures your organisation’s future.

Done poorly, it can have a wide-reaching negative impact for clients, employees and investors.

Our Approach

We have developed a five-stage process to enable you to create a robust succession plan; and will work with you through each step.

  1. Identify. Have you identified the core competencies of each key role within your business? If not, you need to understand what core competencies and technical skills are required for an individual to be successful.
  2. Evaluate. Once you have identified the core competencies for the role, you can evaluate the significant strengths and weaknesses on an individual and a team basis.
  3. Develop. Now that you know where strengths and weaknesses lie, you can put together training and development programmes to ensure your managers and leaders can meet the needs of the business.
  4. Monitor Performance. If you have completed the first three steps then you can now readily (it’s never easy!) identify who the high performers are within the business. Do they have the competencies required for progression into future roles? If so, add them to the next step.
  5. Talent Pipeline. High performers who meet the future needs of the business should be part of the talent pool or a talent pipeline. The talent pipeline should be made up of both internal and external candidates as it is essential in today’s challenging environment that businesses get, or know how to get, the best people.


The value of the right training for each individual should never be underestimated. Sometimes that training needs to be tailored to specific requirements, in other situations group training courses will be more successful.

What we offer

We currently offer several public and private training courses to help our clients better achieve their goals. Current public courses are:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Competency Based Interviewing
  • Interview Skills
  • Executive Research

We also provide bespoke private training programmes to meet individual client needs.

To discuss how we can help you with Leadership Development, call our CEO Paul Battye today on 0207 887 4534, or contact us and we’ll call you back.

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