A well-known charity came to us requiring a Chair to work in close co-operation with its existing chief executive. The chairman would be responsible for the overall leadership of the charity, overseeing and measuring the contribution of trustees and the working output of staff to ensure the organisation fulfilled its mission statement.

Client need

We were contacted by the chief executive of a charity, who expressed concern that their organisation’s long-term objectives were being compromised due to an absence of leadership at board level. The chief executive identified that the charity was drifting off course as a result of a lack of navigation among trustees and that this scarcity of confidence and assertiveness was filtering right down from the higher echelons of the charitable organisation to the staff, who he found to be unmotivated in their roles. Overall, the chief executive’s manner suggested that the sooner a competent chair could be found, the better.

Our approach

With a lack of an appropriate internal candidate to fulfil the myriad requirements of the chairman role, we focused our search on those already excelling in similar roles with other charities and companies within the Telecoms, Media and Technology (TMT) sectors. At Moorlands Human Capital, this is what we call an ‘in the market’ solution, in that the best person was being successful elsewhere rather than ‘on the market’ and actively looking for a new appointment. After we’d established an initial dialogue with the charity’s chief executive, we set about drawing up a list of key skills and values identified by the organisation as assets they would find beneficial in applicants. With time of the essence, we conducted original research to identify those we felt best met the needs of the client. After contacting and assessing the suitability and interest of our potential candidates, we compiled a shortlist to pass on to the client for further perusal.


Through the recruitment process detailed above, Moorlands Human Capital was able to identify a shortlist of five impressive candidates for the chairman role. The client was impressed with our methodical approach, and commented that they were confident in the suitability of all five interviewees for the role they were applying for. After the final interview stage, they came back to us once again, highlighting one candidate that particularly shone during the process. We took care of the negotiation stages and, eight weeks after the charity initially contacted us, a chairman was in place in the boardroom of the organisation.